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Perspective On Missions: Why Jbay?

Jeffrey’s Bay or as the locals call it Jbay is in the Kouga region of the Eastern Cape, which is known as the Jewel of this province. Jeffrey’s Bay is known for the best right hand surf breaks in the world and for its beautiful beaches. It is known as one of the biggest surfing towns in South Africa, but there is much more to it than that.

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Our Visitor Diaries

Amazing stories of our precious missionaries from around the world

  • From student to staff...

    From student to staff...

    Hello I'm Meriesa from Holland. I came to Jeffrey's Bay the first time Juyly 2016 to volunteer at a children's ministry for two months, those months changed my life. During that time I was staying on the YWAM base where people came in and out. After a while I realised that I was staying at a YWAM base. I heard about DTS that started the next year January 2017. God called me back to Jbay. During my DTS I learned so much about my identity in Christ as well as my calling in life. After the DTS I decided to stay in Jeffrey's Bay and join YWAM Jbay on staff as my dreams were not over. Do you know that Jeffrey's Bay is called the place of dreams? So now I have the opportunity to grow in my leadership and to start a family ministry in preparation for my future that may well take me to other nations. How about you? What is your dream?
  • Open Nights

    Open Nights

    YWAM Jbay started "Open Nights" with the aim to allow anyone to walk into the presence of God and feel welcome, refreshed and find healing and encouragement. Through free coffee and tea and conversations, people can come as they are and be met with a God who loves them unconditionally. We hope to see more and more people walk in and be transformed by the radical love of Jesus. Last Friday was our first "Open Night" a McTasty's Diner, we are in partnership with them as they offered for us to use their premises once a month.
  • YWAM Amsterdam 2016

    YWAM Amsterdam 2016

    The team from YWAM Amsterdam learned to serve with their hands as we started a "dish-washing" ministry. We offer to come alongside the Pellsrus Primary School to help distribute food and do the dishes. There are about 1200 students in that school and the team washed more than 900 plates, spoons and scrubbed the big pots. It is a way for us to learn to serve and show love by helping practically. Instead of spending the whole day doing it, our team finished in approximatively 2hrs. All of this with a smile on their faces and a lot of joy. Way to go team!
  • YWAM Louisville

    YWAM Louisville

    YWAM Louisville had the privilege of doing the opening assembly for the new highschool in Jeffrey's Bay. This highschool is a merge in between a Colored and Xhosa speaking schools. The team did worship, and encouraged the students to work in unity. As the principal came on stage to start the year off with welcoming all the new students and asking the older children to set an example for them. This school is in need of a lot of prayer as the merging of two schools isn't that easy. The team was the first to see an open door to minister in Jeffrey's Bay Highschool. We look forward to other opportunities in the future.
  • Kynzie, YWAM Chico, California

    Kynzie, YWAM Chico, California

    Thursday might have been one of the most amazing days of ministry here in South Africa so far...God keeps reminding us that although we have less than a week left of ministry, He still has big plans for us. Our team had the opportunity to be guests on a local radio station. We got to talk about what we have been doing during outreach, and just share encouraging words with the listeners. There are over 350,000 listeners on this radio station, and it was so cool to see the way that God worked through each one of us to convey a message to the listeners.
  • Andrew, Burtigny DTS, Switzerland

    Andrew, Burtigny DTS, Switzerland

    Our first team since reopening the base.A student from Burtigny DTS was ministering in Ocean View and felt to pray for this man who was deeply distressed and filled with anger and wanting to take revenge for something that had happened. After the prayer it appeared that this man had a gun and had the intention to use it but God intervened through this brave student and brought peace and this man yielded his gun to the local pastor and decided not to take revenge anymore.

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