The vision for MX (Missions Experience) camps is to give young people a heart for missions. It is not just for those who want to go full time into ministry/missions but for anyone who has a heart for the lost and wants to know how they can be a part of making disciples of all nations. Through MX camp you get exposure to living with different people from different backgrounds as you grow in your faith together. The call is out for those who are willing to lay down the pursuit of their own comfort and pleasure. We want to ignite the fire in young hearts for complete self-abandonment to the Father and His call. Our prayer is that every student that comes for an MX camp would experience an encounter with the One who radically transforms hearts and minds.


The camp consists of 1 week of interactive lectures in Jeffrey's Bay covering topics such as hearing the voice of God, Kingdom identity, purpose and calling. Followed by 1 week of outreach in the Kouga region/the wider Eastern Cape Province.   


14 St Francis Street

P. O. Box 811 - Jeffrey's Bay / N 6330

South Africa


Tel: +27 (0)42 293 0304


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