Prophetic ministries

Prophetic Course

This part time course is designed to help people mature in their prophetic gift. As well as growing in your gifting we want you to have a better understanding of your blueprint design from God, which is why each student will receive personal prophetic ministry as well. Our goal is that walking in the prophetic becomes a lifestyle for all believers and that speaking identity, destiny and calling over others becomes easy and natural. Throughout the course there are many opportunities for you to gain confidence in stepping out and prophesying through practical exercises in class, joining with staff to minister during prophetic sessions and prophetic evangelism in the community. We offer the chance for students that complete the course to partner with us in future prophetic ministry sessions.


We cover the following topics during the course: Biblical Foundations for Prophecy.

-          The development of character alongside the gift of prophesy

-          How prophecy fits into the church

-          The use of prophecy in evangelism, and how to minister to people prophetically

-          Creativity in prophesy

-          Prophesy over spheres of society, communities, regions and nations 

-      Personal prophetic ministry

-          Prophetic "Roadmap" teaching & mentoring

The course runs one evening a week for roughly 3 months (with the occasional Saturday for outreach). Dates for 2020 still to be confirmed. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the next course. 

Prophetic Roadmap Workshop & Mentorship Journey

So, you have been given prophetic words, but what now? We often feel encouraged at the time of receiving prophesy, but it ends there because we haven’t been taught what to do next. Through this workshop, and mentoring journey, we highlight the importance of stewarding the words God has spoken over our lives. We will walk alongside you to see the application of these words in order that you walk in the fulfilment, and the fullness of what God has for you. 

Prophetic sessions

With prophetic sessions we want to create a time and space for you to hear what is on God's heart for you. It is a time where all other noises and things that demand your time and attention can be put aside so you can sit back, relax and receive encouragement in a comfortable environment. We believe that God wants to communicate His love for you in a very personal way. We will ask Him to affirm how He created you, and to speak to you about the dreams in your heart. We expect God to bring perspective, answer some questions and give you promises.


We offer appointments for individuals, married couples, families and businesses/ministries. Make an appointment now by clicking “book now” below. A YWAM JBAY staff member will get back to you, and will respond with potential dates and times that are available.

Prophetic evangelism

Open Nights

The vision for Open Nights is for people to encounter God in an relaxed informal (non-religious) setting. As we cultivate the presence of God at YWAM JBAY we want to open the doors to the community, and encourage people to taste and see that God is good. There is coffee and a place to sit down and receive prayer and prophetic encouragement, or to just chill and enjoy the atmosphere. We believe that it will be a place people will receive encouragement, perspective and personal healing and restoration.


Life and Light

Life and Light is a form of outreach that uses prophesy and other creative ways for people to encounter God. The ministry was originated in Scotland and was aimed at spiritual seekers, but we have adapted it for our own context. It is about getting out and reaching people, especially those who wouldn’t go to church. It creates an open heaven with unexpected encounters right inside the marketplace, just like the ministry of Jesus Christ on earth. The demonstration of God speaking, healing, and bringing deliverance is public for anyone passing by to see or experience as well. We have seen and continue to see healings, deliverances and salvations. Through this we aim to forge relationships with people in the community and walk a journey with them.