IZIKO DTS January 2021

The word Iziko is a Xhosa word that means "the place where the fire is built." It represents the center of the home, a place of gathering, a place of celebration, and a place where all are welcomed equally. The heart of the Iziko DTS is to pursue the presence of God through prayer and worship, to live out the love of Jesus in community, and to allow the Holy Spirit to transform us as we learn to follow Jesus. Through this school we pray that a fire will ignite in each student, a fire that burns with love for God, His Kingdom and the world.


The Iziko DTS is comprised of three parts: 3 months of lectures and equipping in a live/learn environment, a 2 month international outreach, and a 3 month leadership training module.



Lecture Phase: R15,900 (covers food, accommodation and tuition)


Outreach Phase: +/- R19,000 to R29,000 (cost varies depending on location, students are personally responsible for their own outreach costs)


Leadership Phase: R11,900 (covers food, accommodation and tuition)


*Bursaries available for South Africans depending on individual financial situation*